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Visual Studio 2015 gets Xamarin for free

Microsoft kicked off day two of its Build Conference by talking about new features for the Microsoft Azure Cloud service. The company has invested billions of dollars to build out data centers for Azure around the world, and along with those Azure features, it announced the open-sourcing and free availability of recently acquired cross-platform tools … continue reading

Xamarin offers update on Roslyn/Mono integration efforts

Xamarin and the Mono Project community are still working to integrate Microsoft’s open-source Roslyn compiler into Mono. In a post on his personal blog, Xamarin CTO Miguel de Icaza detailed the Xamarin and Mono efforts on two fronts: using Roslyn as Mono’s default compiler, and as its IDE engine powering code completion and refactoring. Over … continue reading

OnePlus OxygenOS, Mono 4.0, and Microsoft’s open-source Bond framework—SD Times news digest: April 6, 2015

Smartphone marker OnePlus has unveiled a custom version of its Android operating system, OxygenOS. OxygenOS is based on Google’s Android Lollipop version 5.0.2. With OxygenOS, the company claimed it would make it easier to respond to user feedback, and to provide better updates and an integrated range of services for OnePlus users. “In this environment … continue reading

The modern Visual Studio tool belt

Developing in Visual Studio is more complicated than it used to be. As Visual Studio 2015 approaches, Apache Cordova tools and open-source efforts around the .NET ecosystem open an array of new cross-platform and cross-OS possibilities for Windows developers looking to branch out across devices and onto Linux and Mac. As Microsoft’s flagship IDE grows … continue reading

SD Times news digest: August 13, 2014—An experimental C-to-JavaScript programming language, Mono 3.6, and Intel XDK 1.1

Experimental Lisp language written in C transpiles into JavaScript Awl—an experimental mini-language written in C to explore interpreter design—can transpile its code into JavaScript. Created by programmer Zaven Muradyan, Awl is based on the Lisp family of programming languages. It also uses the Emscripten LLVM-to-JavaScript compiler with C features such as the most recent Clang … continue reading

JNBridgePro 7.0 supports Mono on Linux

Venerable interoperability enabler brings .NET to Linux and tackles “bitness” confusion … continue reading

From the Editors: Hurray! The enterprise is exciting again!

Investors have returned to putting up money for enterprise products; Mono is safe to use for most people, for now … continue reading

Mono and .NET build up bridges

As Miguel de Icaza’s brainchild matures, the vitriol between the camps seems to have lessened, for now… … continue reading

Microsoft releases ASP.NET Web API as open source; Xamarin plans contributions

Mono’s System.Json implementation has been replaced by Microsoft’s implementation … continue reading

Code Watch: Strategies for mobile enterprise development

When stepping into the mobile world, first make your projects Web-based … continue reading

Letters to the Editor: Microsoft has no reason to save Mono

Readers question why Microsoft would even want to save Mono, and why agile games are good for agile teams … continue reading

From the Editors: Microsoft should rescue Mono

Helping Mono would be a good move for Microsoft; a look at the companies that have come and gone in the SD Times 100 … continue reading Protection Status