Experimental Lisp language written in C transpiles into JavaScript
Awl—an experimental mini-language written in C to explore interpreter design—can transpile its code into JavaScript.

Created by programmer Zaven Muradyan, Awl is based on the Lisp family of programming languages. It also uses the Emscripten LLVM-to-JavaScript compiler with C features such as the most recent Clang front-end compiler. Other features include dynamic typing, lambda functions, closures, data immutability, and simple macro metaprogramming.

More information about Awl is available here.

Mono 3.6 released
The Mono open-source implementation of .NET-compatible tools has reached version 3.6.

Currently developed by Xamarin, the latest version of Mono comes with runtime performance counters integrated into the profiler, statistical backtracing, a refactored class library build and NuGet OS X distribution. Aside from a laundry list of bug fixes, other new Mono 3.6 features include:
• Debugger support for line and column ranges, top frame current line changes, and reading simple properties without calling their getter
• Two new modes for GC bridge that can significantly improve some workloads
• Multiple HTTP stack improvements to class libraries plus System.IO.Compression and System.Security.Claims implementation
• Performance: Reworked locking to drop a hot lock in method lookup, fine grained locking, and better hashing of some runtime internal items to avoid some corner-case slowdowns with generics
• The profiler now produces backtraces in statistical mode, added periodical flushing for interactive users, and collecting and reporting of performance counter information
• Fixed handling of the volatile CIL prefix
• ikdasm distribution
• Optimized EqualityComparer for more types.
• Mono.Unix.Native.Syscall.getxattr() can now return Errno.ENOATTR on OS X

The full Mono 3.6 release notes are available here.

Intel releases version 1.1 of XDK HTML5 mobile development platform
Intel has released an updated version of its XDK HTML5 mobile development platform with new features such as Cordova plug-in support and mobile monetization services.

In addition to Cordova API plug-ins for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, XDK 1.1 also adds Git integration, a new UI on the projects tab, static checking, and updates to the XDK’s editor and emulator. The release also addressed several bug fixes.

The full Intel XDK 1.1 release notes are available here.

RacoWireless launches cloud-based IoT app development tools
M2M service provider RacoWireless has launched the Omega DevCloud, a set of cloud-based Internet of Things application development tools.

The new set of cloud-based tools uses socket-based protocols and a RESTful API to translate data infrastructure into common Web languages for apps or IoT devices. The Web-based REST/JSON API is built on a bidirectional M2M communication core supporting TCP and UDP protocols. Omega DevCloud will be available to developers in early September.

More information can be found here.