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Mobile native development gets new foundation

The Linux Foundation has announced the formation of the Mobile Native Foundation (MNF) with a mission to foster collaboration and improve processes and technologies. MNF is a place where developers can collaborate on open source software, standards and best practices.  “The mobile developer community is innovating and we know that open source and collaboration can … continue reading

Using hybrid mobile to your advantage

It is no longer a question of “should I build a mobile app?” Digital businesses have begun to realize mobile app development is necessary to not only stay competitive, but to achieve customer satisfaction. Customers are accessing information on a huge variety of devices, and have come to expect a high-quality, mobile-friendly user experience. “Consumers, … continue reading

Transforming the Web with HTML5

The Web is ever changing. What was once a place where documents and information could be accessed has turned into a place where users can communicate verbally, visually and virtually, where users can play interactive games, and where users can stream music, movies and television shows. To keep up with these advanced features and capabilities, … continue reading

Facebook releases React Native for Android

Facebook is letting Android developers take advantage of its JavaScript framework for native development. The company has announced it is releasing React Native for Android. “React Native enables you to build world-class application experiences on native platforms using a consistent developer experience based on JavaScript and React,” the company wrote on its GitHub page. “The … continue reading Protection Status