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New tools for the .NET trade

Silverlight 4 and Visual Studio 2010 come with rich native tool sets that advance productivity … continue reading

Why SharePoint development is so damn special!

Bjorn Furuknap has a few words about the travails associated with getting just the right SharePoint setup … continue reading

Year in Review: Microsoft

Microsoft had a busy 2010, rolling out SharePoint 2010 and Visual Studio 2010; it also showed off its plans with Azure … continue reading

JetBrains provides coverage, profiling for .NET developers

dotCover and dotTrace 4 Performance work with Visual Studio to provide enhancements to code coverage and profiling … continue reading

ComponentOne merges .NET, e-commerce

Studio Enterprise 2010 v2 utilizes ASP.NET AJAX controls with jQuery and CSS3 styling … continue reading

Microsoft launches Visual Studio 2010, .NET 4.0

Today’s release adds architecture and testing tools, as well as upgrades to Team Foundation Server … continue reading

‘Midori’ concepts materialize in .NET

F# and Silverlight are leading Microsoft towards a future of concurrency … continue reading

Infragistics supports .NET 4 features

Keeping pace with Microsoft’s latest offerings, updates are available for Windows Forms controls and other tools … continue reading

Going ‘all in’ on .NET as default runtime

Programmers for Windows Phone 7 will need to use Silverlight and XNA for development … continue reading

Mono brings .NET to Android

At Microsoft MIX, Mono will unveil the ability to port .NET applications to the Android operating system … continue reading

Even with its success, .NET causes some consternation

Despite its popularity, the developer community believes that .NET isn’t being fully served by Microsoft … continue reading

From the Editors: Microsoft’s changing .NET standards

Microsoft’s constant changing of .NET is not good for the industry; the release train method for open-source projects is good … continue reading Protection Status