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Velocity NYC Roundup: How they tried to fix

As the New York City Velocity conference winds to a close, this year’s Web operations and performance event was highlighted by some engaging speakers and a laundry list of Web development news and releases from companies big and small. In addition, Mikey Dickerson, a former Google engineering manager who’s now a member of the tech … continue reading

FoundationDB adds SQL Layer to its NoSQL database

More and more businesses are working with NoSQL and SQL databases, but the problem is that there isn’t anybody providing a vision for how these different database tools might come together, according to Dave Rosenthal, CEO of FoundationDB. FoundationDB wants to change that. The company just released a free, open-source SQL database engine that sits … continue reading

Espresso Logic brings NoSQL and SQL data together into a single API

One of the biggest problems developers face when building data-driven apps is having to access data from multiple data sources, according to R. Paul Singh, CEO of Espresso Logic. “What we are seeing and hearing is a lot of customers’ data isn’t in SQL only; they also have it in NoSQL databases,” he said. “Having … continue reading

MongoDB 2.6 reworks query planner

Popular NoSQL database is updated, as are the management tools for administrating a large cluster of servers … continue reading

From the Editors: Spark indicative of move to memory

Developers are flocking back to RAM, thanks to trends in NoSQL and in-memory data grids … continue reading

Hybrid NoSQL solutions accommodate multiple data models

An overview of three more solutions in the NoSQL space … continue reading

Number of NoSQL options grows

Spurred by Big Data, companies that need database options have plenty to pick from … continue reading

A chat with Joe Celko on Big Data and NoSQL

Roberto Zicari interviews database expert Joe Celko on the challenges of Big Data and when to use non-relational databases … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Five phrases you need to know about Big Data

These terms will familiarize anyone who wants to work with it (and we need people who want to work with it) … continue reading

Hadoop and NoSQL: Friends, not frenemies

These two concepts complement each other more than they oppose each other, as companies are finding out … continue reading

Big Data in 2013: Another big year

Big Data just kept on growing in both interest, and in deployment. 2013 was truly the year businesses got serious with Hadoop … continue reading

Choosing the right database: Understanding your options

There are many factors to consider when deciding which is best for your application’s needs … continue reading Protection Status