Topic: open source code

npm, Inc. releases npm@6 package manager with new security protections

Npm, Inc. has announced the release of the npm@6 package manager. It will feature powerful new security features, such as automatic warnings when developers try to use open source code with known vulnerabilities, and ‘npm audit,’ which is an npm command that allows developers to analyze complex code and pinpoint specific vulnerabilities. A recent npm … continue reading

GitHub responds to frustrated users

GitHub is finally responding to a group of frustrated developers who wrote an open letter to the open-source code repository last month. “We hear you and we’re sorry. We’ve been slow to respond to your letter and slow to respond to your frustrations,” GitHub wrote in a blog post. According to the open letter from … continue reading

Navigating through an open-source world

Open-source software is becoming the backbone of the software development industry, helping to spur innovation, reduce time to market and lower costs. According to Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, almost every device or piece of software we use today contains some open-source code. “There are hundreds and thousands of products and services … continue reading Protection Status