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Data integration and alignment will dictate generative AI’s impact on digital transformation

Generative AI has taken the enterprise world by storm throughout 2023 – and for good reason. From a digital transformation perspective, it has the potential to amplify efficiency to new heights at a time when it’s needed most. Most enterprise digital transformation efforts today fail. A recent Gartner report found that nearly 70% of CFOs … continue reading

New Planview Roadmaps combines strategy, team plans, and execution into single view

Planview has introduced Planview Roadmaps, a solution that integrates strategy, team plans, and execution into one cohesive view. This tool enhances business agility by allowing organizations to observe and respond to changes across various teams, methodologies, and tools. “Enterprise survival relies on an organization’s ability to quickly adapt and pivot to market shifts and customer … continue reading

The essential nature of visibility in value stream management

Anybody that looks at value stream management and doesn’t see the value of it, isn’t seeing the customer value it makes possible.  But it’s time to start realizing value. The technology is there, the raw materials are there – the visibility that drives true value could be there too. Software development should no longer be … continue reading

Planview delivers the convergence of portfolio management, Agile planning, and value stream management

Software management company Planview has announced Digital Product Insights, which combines portfolio management and agile planning with delivery insights from value stream management (VSM) and objectives key results (OKRs). The release is part of the company’s initiative to give companies a concrete way to break down organizational silos with a single view of shared metrics … continue reading

How tech leaders can avoid the black box trap with value stream management

Recently, we published a post for finance leaders on how to break open the black box that is software development. Now, I’d like to share some guidance for their technology counterparts on how to avoid being perceived as a black box in the first place. First, let’s review the issue at hand from the perspective … continue reading

Planview partners with UiPath to offer VSM capabilities in testing

Planview, the platform for connected work from portfolio planning to delivery, announced today that it is entering into a strategic collaboration with the enterprise automation software company UiPath in order to bring value stream management (VSM) features to testing.  This integration is intended to bring together the UiPath Business Automation Platform with Planview’s VSM solution … continue reading

Report: 92% of organizations are not prepared for digital transformation

The majority of organizations seeking to make a digital transformation are not equipped to do it successfully, according to the results of the recently released “2023 Project to Product: State of the Industry” report by portfolio management company Planview. Only 8% of respondents stated that they have operationalized the shift from project to product, meaning … continue reading

Maximizing the ROI of your Agile transformations

Agile is hard. After over 20 years, organizations are still failing to realize the full benefits of Agile transformations at scale. They’ve seen the impact of Agile at the team level, being able to improve productivity, decrease risks and costs, and increase revenue, but they are failing to maximize those benefits across the enterprise. “As … continue reading

Report: The ability to quickly adapt to change is what sets leaders apart

Ninety-nine percent of business leaders of the most successful companies believe their organizations are ready to quickly adapt to change, and this is what sets them apart from the rest of their industry. This is according to a study from work management solution provider Planview: “The State of Strategy Execution: Embracing Uncertainty to Adapt at … continue reading Protection Status