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Project sponsor’s role: How to supervise software projects

According to Innotas Project and Portfolio Management Survey conducted in 2016, around 55 percent of software development projects launched in the first quarter of 2015 failed. In most cases, the blame lies not with the developers’ poor technical skills but with improper management of software development projects. This is often caused by bad project management … continue reading

Udacity launches service for next-generation freelancers and contractors

In order to connect companies with some of the top engineers who are proficient in mobile app development, web development and other specializations, Udacity is launching a new service called Udacity Blitz. With technology rapidly changing, the gig economy continues to grow. Freelancers, contractors and temporary employees are becoming popular in the software development and … continue reading

Report: What’s driving developers crazy

Since developer-friendly mobile app devRant’s launch in March, it’s had more than 15,000 developers post more than 25,000 rants about what really gets them riled up. devRant has collected this data and looked into what specifically ticks off developers, factoring in the occurrence of heated swear words that come up with each rant topic. Developers … continue reading Protection Status