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SD Times Blog: MIT study reveals encryption is less secure than originally thought

Findings are not cause for panic, but they do upend 65 years of assumptions … continue reading

From the Editors: Flat will, ultimately, fall flat

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SD Times Blog: SIM card encryption flaw is an open door for cellphone hacks, German researcher finds

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Software security takes the holistic high road

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Vulnerable components added to OWASP’s Top 10 risk list

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SD Times Blog: Security is only getting tougher

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Software development and U.S. export controls

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RSA remains focused on traditional security approaches

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Developers spent 2012 with a new responsibility: Security

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The Trouble with Gerrold: Privacy

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Security practices take focus off programmers and onto systems

New approaches to security for enterprise applications focus on everything outside of the programmer that can be secured … continue reading Protection Status