Topic: security

From the Editors: The big hole in Big Data

Companies that use Big Data products have to ensure security, or else; do not mistreat your open-source developers … continue reading

SD Times Blog: iOS 6 and OS X vulnerability could be exploited to crash apps

The problem lies in WebKit and involves using SMS texts or iMessages … continue reading

Seventy-nine percent of mobile malware attacks directed at Android OS

Large market share and open-source architecture put a hacker bullseye on Android’s back … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Cybercrime Blotter: DDoS bank robbers; League of Legends hacked

More security slip-ups lead to more black eyes, and the responses to the hacks haven’t been encouraging … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Groklaw shuts down in face of surveillance

The fallout from the NSA reveals continues as the legal analysis site quits rather than be watched by the feds … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Researchers discover a hole in Apple’s App Store approval process

A crack in Apple’s vetting process let researchers slip malware into the App Store … continue reading

SD Times Blog: MIT study reveals encryption is less secure than originally thought

Findings are not cause for panic, but they do upend 65 years of assumptions … continue reading

From the Editors: Flat will, ultimately, fall flat

Also, the W3C has to make a decision about codecs; and we can all learn a lesson from Apple’s security hole … continue reading

SD Times Blog: SIM card encryption flaw is an open door for cellphone hacks, German researcher finds

Karsten Nohl finds that total control over cellphones is possible, potentially affecting hundreds of millions of phones … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Moving beyond HTTPS protocols: The need for forward secrecy in network structures

Edward Snowden’s revelations have shown that HTTPs is not as secure as we’ve been led to believe … continue reading

Software security takes the holistic high road

Several companies are trying yet again to make software development a more secure place … continue reading

Vulnerable components added to OWASP’s Top 10 risk list

This year’s list throws some attention to this oft-overlooked issue … continue reading Protection Status