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SD Times Blog: Errors and bugs and patches, oh my!

Two big bugs are lingering for far too long. Well, actually one of them was just (finally) patched today … continue reading

Majority of apps have security vulnerabilities, report says

The most common security vulnerabilities include cross-site scripting and information leakage according to Cenzic … continue reading

‘Honey Encryption’ bamboozles hackers with fake data

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Zeichick’s Take: How in the world did you guess my password?

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SD Times Blog: ‘123456’ tops ‘password’ as most common password of 2013

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Computer security researchers launch boycott of RSA conference

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Intel CEO Unveils Products, Initiatives and Collaborations for More Immersive, Intuitive Experiences and Increased Device Security

Brian Krzanich demonstrated wearable device capabilities, and conflict-free microprocessors during his presentation … continue reading

Securing SharePoint: Understanding your data

Before storing your data in the cloud, know the kind and sensitivity of that data … continue reading

FIDO Alliance works to change nature of online authentication

Organization working with members to create alternatives to passwords that strengthen Web security … continue reading

Service Pack 1 is coming

Major update to SharePoint provides improvements to performance, stability and security … continue reading

A better approach to software security

This process identifies and prioritizes risks before dealing with them, which should ease things for developers … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Passwords stolen in Adobe breach were encrypted, not hashed

The breach occurred in a backup server, according to Adobe … continue reading Protection Status