Databricks has announced the general availability of its cloud-hosted data platform, formerly known as Databricks Cloud.

Less than a week after announcing the release of Apache Spark 1.4, Databricks debuted its cloud platform at Spark Summit, which has support for R-language notebooks; version-control and source-code change tracking from within Databricks; private notebook permissions management; and fault-tolerant real-time Spark streaming support.

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Databricks is available as a hosted cloud platform on AWS.

MapR launches Spark-based Quick Start Solutions for Hadoop
Hadoop distribution provider MapR has announced three new Apache Spark-based Quick Start Solutions for its Big Data distribution. Each solution includes data ingest modules, professional services, and a small Hadoop cluster. The three Quick Start Solutions are:

  • Real-time Security Log Analytics: A solution for real-time analysis of large volumes of security data for early detection of advanced security threats. The solution augments security information and event management (SIEM) with cost-effective storage and processing for deep analytics and predictive anomalous behavior capabilities.
  • Time Series Analytics: A solution for rapid ingestion and extraction of data along with real-time aggregation capabilities for faster development of real-time monitoring applications and alert systems on IoT data sources, including time-series data coming from machines, sensors and devices.
  • Genome Sequencing: A solution enabling large-scale parallel processing of genome data with low latency when converting a sequenced genome to clinically actionable information with computational algorithm flexibility and extensibility.

Paxata unveils Adaptive Data Preparation enhancements
Paxata announced an updated version of its Adaptive Data Preparation application and platform based on Apache Spark 1.3 at Spark Summit. The release adds new features like on-line aggregations, enhanced data preparation-specific RDDs, more advanced persistent columnar caching, and a new optimizing compiler to convert scripts into an abstract syntax tree.

Razorsight launches predictive analytics solution on MapR with Spark
Cloud-based predictive analytics provider Razorsight announced the release of a new predictive analytics solution based on the MapR Hadoop distribution and leveraging Apache Spark. The Razorsight cloud platform is based on a data lake within MapR to move data sets in and out of clusters for analysis.