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Winning hackathon team develops sensors to save the bees

Bee colonies have been on the decline for some time due to environmental pressures, and it’s become a global issue that researchers, farmers, environmentalists, even average citizens are trying to solve. One software development team has joined the fight, and their small device with simple and inexpensive hardware might be one way to bring the … continue reading

Industry Watch: Getting a sense of Smart Cities

One of the ways in which the Internet of Things can improve the way we live is through “smart cities” initiatives, the goal of which is to facilitate communication between city officials and citizens via a myriad of devices. But when it comes to controlling devices, “We’re still in the dial-up [era] of things,” according … continue reading

Redpine Signals’ tiny new platform focuses on wireless capabilities and sensors

Designing a device for the Internet of Things is not quite as easy as building on top of existing hardware. While point-of-sales systems jump over to iPads and tablets, actual devices require circuit-level integrations, and full stack support across a prototyping board ecosystem is almost non-existent. Venkat Mattela, CEO and chairman of Redpine Signals, is … continue reading Protection Status