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Long Island Tech Day highlighted up-and-coming tech startups

From drones to 3D printing, Web applications to design-based apps, there was a lot to see at the second Long Island Tech Day, held at the Mitchel Athletic Complex in Garden City, N.Y. Here’s a brief rundown of the more interesting projects these startups are working on. App that helps employees grow, one question at … continue reading

Mozilla previews Firefox OS 2.5, Gear VR ready for preorder, and Google Chrome updates—SD Times news digest: Nov. 11, 2015

Mozilla has announced the Firefox OS 2.5 developer preview along with an experimental Android app. The app lets developers experience Firefox OS as an alternate home screen on their Android device, without having to re-flash and replace Android installation. Version 2.5 features add-ons that can extend apps, a new privacy feature that allows users to … continue reading

SD Times news digest: July 30, 2014—The Nokia Z Android Launcher, Windows Phone 8.1 update, Password protector, and Google’s Startup Launch

Nokia enters post-device future with Nokia Z Android Launcher The Nokia Z Android Launcher, a home screen replacement for Android phones that learns and evolves based on usage patterns, has released its first major update and opened its pre-beta to download and test the launcher. Developed by the Nokia Technologies Group, a separate entity from … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: The No. 1 secret for a successful startup

Your startup will not be successful if it doesn’t have a competent HR department … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Do you want to be a billionaire?

Why do companies buy other companies? What happens to those inside the company that is bought? … continue reading

Venture capitalists keep the U.S. tech industry afloat

Despite a sagging economy, software development still sees more employment and higher salaries … continue reading Protection Status