Topic: static code

Klocwork 2017.1 released with new security reports

In order for teams to spot security problems and vulnerabilities in their code, Rogue Wave is updating its static code analysis tool with a new security report, new Java checkers, extensive updates to its CERT taxonomy, and more. Rogue Wave’s Klocwork 2017.1 is the company’s latest release, and it introduces a new built-in graphical security … continue reading

SD Times GitHub Project of the Week: Coala

After realizing his code “began to suck,” Lasse Schuirmann created an application called coala to make code analysis easy, while remaining completely modular, extensible and language-independent. Coala provides a user and developer interface, letting developers focus on logic only so that users can focus on content. Schuirmann said there are a lot of tools like … continue reading Protection Status