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Wolfram Alpha version to be open-sourced, and Google updates Smart Lock for passwords API—SD Times news digest: Dec. 14, 2015

The creator of Wolfram Alpha, Stephen Wolfram, is making a version of his “knowledge-based programming” open source. The Wolfram Language, which is a question/answer technology that computes answers from its storehouse of knowledge, is available as a free cloud service so that it can be accessible to more people like students and children, according to … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Sept. 19, 2014—Wolfram’s Tweet-a-Program, Android’s default encryption and virtual reality SDKs

Wolfram launches Tweet-a-Program Stephen Wolfram has announced a new Wolfram Language program, Tweet-a-Program, which allows users to compose a tweet-length Wolfram Language program. Once it’s composed and tweeted to @WolframTaP, the company’s Twitter bot will run the problem in the recently announced Wolfram Cloud and tweet back the result. “In the Wolfram Language, a little … continue reading

Wolfram Language moves into the cloud

Wolfram Research announces Wolfram Programming Cloud, an application of the Wolfram Language … continue reading

Wolfram to Bring World’s Most Sophisticated Programming Language to New Intel SD-Card-Sized Computer

Wolfram and Intel are working together to bring the Wolfram Language and Mathematica to Intel Edison … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: The amazing new old Wolfram Language

Advances made to the language put it in a position to expand even farther than before … continue reading

SD Times Blog: New partnership provides knowledge-based programming environment for STEM education

Raspberry Pi now comes bundled with Wolfram’s Mathematica and pilot language … continue reading Protection Status