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Third-party dependencies open doors to attack

Remember when you were a teenager, and your parents would go away for the weekend, so you threw a party at your house for a few close friends, and then 500 people you don’t even know showed up? And then you wake up the next morning and realize someone took your mother’s gold necklace? That’s … continue reading

JFrog Xray 2.0 examines the CI/CD pipeline

JFrog has announced the latest release of its continuous security and universal artifact analysis solution. JFrog Xray 2.0 is designed to give DevOps teams insight into potential problems and the confidence to release into development, deployment and production stages.   “Developers are incorporating an ever-growing number of artifacts from external and internal sources into their … continue reading

SD Times news digest: August 18, 2014—Minecraft makes LearnToMod, XRay tracks the use of online personal data

Minecraft mod teaches kids how to code A new mod from Minecraft looks to teach kids how to code along with teaching them how to mod. Kids can use Blockly, JavaScript or a combination of the two to code. “Blockly is a great way to learn deep computer science concepts like if statements, loops, data … continue reading Protection Status