Talend, a global open source software leader, today announced version 5 of its unified platform for integration, becoming the only open source vendor to offer a comprehensive technology portfolio that spans all enterprise integration needs, including data, applications and business processes.

With this new version, Talend introduces a holistic approach to integration, enabling IT organizations to converge traditionally disparate integration efforts and practices through a common set of products, tools and best practices. The Talend Unified Platform provides a common foundation for the products to be used individually or in concert depending on the needs of the organization.

According to a recent report from Gartner, Inc., “Organizations can generate increased impact and value from their application integration and data integration activities by identifying opportunities where both disciplines can be applied together.” Gartner also states within the report, “more visionary organizations are seeing the power of aligning and leveraging application integration and data integration together.”

In addition, Talend v5 has been designed to support and enable the current market shifts toward the Cloud and Big Data. The increased deployment of hybrid cloud environments, made up of a combination of on-premises systems, private and public clouds, and SaaS, creates unique integration challenges that can only be addressed effectively by integration platforms that span all environments. Likewise, the fast adoption of Big Data projects, geared at extracting actionable information from massive amounts of data, requires a solution that is deeply integrated with Big Data technologies such as Hadoop. Version 5 of the Talend Unified Platform includes deployment tools, connectors and components that specifically enable hybrid cloud integration environments and that natively harness the power of Hadoop and other Big Data platforms.

“Trader Media Group, the company behind AutoTrader.co.uk – the number one UK marketplace for motorists – has been using Talend for years for a broad range of mission critical data integration needs,” said Philip Naughton, Development Manager at Trader Media Group. “With a number of applications now deployed in the Cloud, and an ever increasing need to expose integration as a service, we see Talend as a significant enabling technology for the business.”

Talend Enterprise BPM for Process Integration
Talend v5 includes a new business process management (BPM) product, Talend Enterprise BPM, to complement the existing data management and application integration products. BPM allows businesses to easily model and manage new and existing processes; its inclusion within Talend v5 enables users to integrate business workflows into their existing application and data infrastructure. With the addition of Talend Enterprise BPM, users now benefit from a holistic integration solution to coordinate business processes with their data and applications.

Talend Enterprise BPM is based on an OEM partnership with BonitaSoft, a leading provider of open source BPM solutions. Talend Enterprise BPM enables management, business analysts, developers and end users to model processes, collaborate on improvements, and rapidly create and optimize process-driven solutions. Through the intuitive user interface, organizations can create process-based applications in minutes.
“In the past, organizations have shied away from a common approach to their integration needs, as the available products generally focused on a single area of integration,” said Fabrice Bonan, co-founder and chief operating officer, Talend. “Increased pressure on IT organizations to implement solutions faster with increasingly constrained budgets and to meet the demand for real-time business analytics are driving forces behind combining these integration approaches. Talend v5 facilitates this convergence and ultimately enables organizations to adopt a holistic approach to integration.”

Advancing Product Leadership in Data Management and Application Integration
In version 5, the products licensed under an open source license have been united under the “Talend Open Studio” umbrella. The following products are available for immediate download:
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration (formerly Talend Open Studio), the most widely used open source data integration/ETL tool in the world.
Talend Open Studio for Data Quality (formerly Talend Open Profiler), the only open source enterprise data profiling tool.
Talend Open Studio for MDM (formerly Talend MDM Community Edition), the first – and only – open source MDM solution.
Talend Open Studio for ESB (formerly Talend ESB Studio Standard Edition), the easy to use open source ESB based on leading Apache Software Foundation integration projects.

In addition, a number of individual enhancements were made to the best of breed products that comprise Talend v5.

For Data Integration:
• Extension of existing Big Data components with enhanced support for Hadoop’s Hive, Pig and Sqoop as well as improved FileScale to take advantage of MapReduce technologies without its complexity.
• New set of .NET components to initiate and pass data to and from .NET objects from data integration flows.
• Improvements in XML mapping to create complex advanced data services and transform XML to relational data.

For Data Quality:
• New wizards and cheat sheets that help to find duplicates and identify data linkages.
• Real-time visualization of match results at development time, showing instantly the effect of algorithm or parameter changes.
• Worldwide address validation and enrichment through the Google Geocoding API.

For Master Data Management:
• Global, high performance search capabilities across the master data hub.
• Web forms designer to design and deploy custom forms for any mastered entity.
• Ability for business users to import or export master data through a web interface.

For Enterprise Service Bus:
• Single development environment to graphically develop, build, test and publish secure Web services, REST applications, data services and messaging routes.
• Ability to perform intuitive functional testing, load testing, security testing and simulation of services.
• Quick deployment of services and applications through a browser-based deployment console.

Talend Open Studio for Data Integration, Talend Open Studio for Data Quality, Talend Open Studio for MDM and Talend Open Studio for ESB are available immediately and can be downloaded freely from www.talend.com. Enterprise Editions will be available within 30 days through the usual Talend representatives and channels.