Tasktop Technologies, creators of Eclipse Mylyn and a leader in Agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) integration and productivity, today announced the Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) Mylyn Connector. The new connector enables Mylyn’s task-focused interface technology for TFS, which helps improve developer productivity by displaying only the source code and TFS data that is relevant for each work item. This reduces information overload and provides a mechanism for one-click multitasking and interruption recovery. In addition, Tasktop’s unified task list and cross-repository linking capabilities allow TFS to be used alongside more than 50 of the leading ALM platform integrations.

“We’re seeing an increasing number of mixed development shops using Eclipse for application development along with TFS for lifecycle management,” said Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop Technologies and creator of the open source Eclipse Mylyn project. “With this release, TFS becomes a first-class citizen of the Eclipse Mylyn ALM interoperability ecosystem. It builds on Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer Everywhere (TEE) plug-in and provides TFS users with interoperability with more than 50 other ALM solutions, along with the extensive productivity gains of integrating TFS with the developers’ workflow via the task-focused interface.”

Tasktop’s task management tools complement and extend the existing TEE, Microsoft’s base set of Eclipse IDE integration for access to TFS servers. Tasktop’s Mylyn TFS Connector re-organizes the development environment around tasks and helps improve developer and team productivity by automatically presenting only the most relevant source code and project management information associated with each task, making it effortless to switch tasks and recover from interruptions with a single click. The TFS Connector also builds on Mylyn’s integration layer to enable Eclipse IDE integration in mixed environments where other ALM solutions are used, including open source tools and best-of-breed Agile integrations.

“Tasktop’s Eclipse Mylyn connector for TFS brings the benefits of Mylyn’s task-focused interface to many more development teams,” said Robin Cole, director of Visual Studio Integration Partners for Microsoft Corp. “Combining those gains with Tasktop’s existing ALM interoperability ecosystem will help developers working in heterogeneous ALM environments to manage more of their team collaboration around TFS.”


The TFS Mylyn Connector is included in Tasktop Enterprise and general availability is set for November 30, 2010. For more information or to evaluate the connector, please visit http://tasktop.com/tfs.