Tasktop Technologies (www.tasktop.com), creators of Eclipse Mylyn and the leader in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) integration and productivity, today announced a collaboration with HP to develop the Tasktop HP Quality Center Mylyn Connector. The new connector will integrate Mylyn’s task-focused interface technology with HP Quality Center, resulting in improved developer productivity from requirements through defects by providing integrations with leading commercial and open source ALM platforms and Eclipse IDE.

 “HP Quality Center is one of the most widely used quality management solutions by our customers,” said Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop Technologies and creator of the open source Eclipse Mylyn project. “Connecting the IDE environment directly with HP Quality Center will make it dramatically easier for developers to collaborate and connect their development process with HP’s leading quality management tools.”

The HP Quality Center Connector will fully support Tasktop’s award-winning productivity technology called the task-focused interface, which automatically tracks and presents the “context” of source code, documents and web pages that are most relevant for a given defect, story or task. This will improve developer productivity by making it effortless to multitask and recover from interruptions with a single click. The end result is that developers will no longer have to waste time repeatedly searching and scrolling for the information they need to write code, since the IDE shows only the relevant information.

Thanks to the Tasktop Certified integration program, the new connector will also extend HP Quality Center integration with more than 50 leading development solutions, including commercial platforms from Accept, Atlassian, CollabNet, IBM, Polarion, Rally Software, ThoughtWorks Studios and VersionOne, and open source tools such as Bugzilla, Hudson and Subversion. Tasktop Certification ensures compliance with guidelines for completeness, UI design and interoperability and enables discovery and installation of the integration from within the Eclipse IDE itself via the Mylyn Connector Discovery.

“As Agile practices become mainstream, it is vital that quality management and developer tools integrate to address application risks early in the life cycle,” said Jonathan Rende, vice president and general manager, Business Technology Optimization Applications, Software and Solutions, HP. “With integrations between HP Quality Center and Eclipse Mylyn, software developers and QA teams will be able to effectively speed the time for development and increase the quality of their applications.”

The Tasktop Certified HP Quality Center Mylyn Connector is bundled with the fully supported Tasktop Enterprise product, which provides advanced productivity features and integrations with commercial ALM solutions. Tasktop Enterprise with the HP Quality Center Connector will be available November 30, 2010, along with a free version of the basic Eclipse IDE integration version and integration support for open source tools including SVN and Hudson.  Tasktop will be demonstrating the Connector at its booth at HP Software Universe 2010 in Barcelona.