Today, CoreOS, the leader in container infrastructure, is launching the general availability of Tectonic to provide a software solution to enterprise companies looking to deploy, manage and secure containers anywhere. Tectonic is available today to enterprises looking to move applications seamlessly between cloud and data center, as well as ensure a consistent environment to deploy applications from dev to cloud to data center.

Colm Keegan, cloud analyst from ESG states: “Many organizations are interested in leveraging container technology to enable continuous application innovation, faster time to market and improved operational efficiencies across hybrid cloud environments. But the lack of manageability, security and isolation often serves as an obstacle towards container adoption. CoreOS’ Tectonic offering addresses these concerns by providing a consistent and simplified operational framework that can be utilized to securely and more easily manage containers across hybrid cloud infrastructure. This can potentially enable businesses to reduce costs, enhance their Dev/Ops capabilities and gain a competitive edge through more rapid application development and deployment.”

CoreOS, the creator of Tectonic, now has offices in San Francisco, New York and starting today, is expanding its presence to Europe with an office in Berlin. The Berlin office will serve as a European engineering hub for existing and future CoreOS products and will grow to service the expanding customer base throughout Europe. With backing from the top VC firms in Silicon Valley, advisors such as Greg Kroah-Hartman, the current Linux kernel maintainer, and joining today as an advisor, Joe Beda, a founder of Google Compute Engine, CoreOS is working to directly advance the way applications are run.

“With the general availability of Tectonic we are continuing to lead and bring the industry forward, providing a simple way for enterprises to begin experiencing Google-like infrastructure,” said Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS. “As seen in working with our early users, this powerful stack enables a new, consistent way of running applications anywhere, in production. With a stable and enterprise-ready Tectonic, the CoreOS stack with Google’s Kubernetes, companies can trust their containers in production and focus on propelling their innovations forward.”

Tectonic Enterprise allows companies to:

  • Painlessly deploy applications across the cloud and data center.

  • Consistently deploy applications from dev to cloud to data center.

  • Run security-focused infrastructure that follows industry best practices.

  • Work alongside the container security experts from CoreOS to ensure success at implementing containers.

“We have worked closely with the Tectonic team on this important milestone. The General Availability of this technology is a significant step forward in the adoption of next-generation infrastructure,” said Jonathan Donaldson, vice president and general manager, Software Defined Infrastructure Group, Intel. “Tectonic provides a new level of portability and efficiency to cloud workloads, and we look forward to helping scale the customer adoption of Tectonic based solutions.”

Tectonic Enterprise has integrated the full suite of CoreOS products to include:

  • Tectonic Console

    • Provides a complete view of your Tectonic clusters.

    • Includes a curated stack that includes the most trusted open source technologies such as CoreOS Linux (painlessly updating operating system), etcd (key-value data store) and Kubernetes (container cluster manager by Google).

  • Tectonic Identity

    • Built with CoreOS’ newest open source project, dex, this provides cluster-wide single sign-on based on the OpenID Connect standard, integrated into all Tectonic tools.

  • CoreUpdate

    • Gives greater control over the update process of CoreOS machines, which are served from behind a firewall.

  • Quay Enterprise as an included application that sits on top of Tectonic

    • The most secure container registry, Quay Enterprise, secures your containers behind your firewall.

The Tectonic Solution is priced per tiered aggregate memory. For additional information and to get started with a free trial of Tectonic please sign up here. Join CoreOS at Tectonic Summit on December 2 and 3 in New York City to learn more about containers, Kubernetes, CoreOS and Tectonic.

CoreOS also welcomes advisor Joe Beda, who started Google Compute Engine and helped to found Kubernetes, on board to help on the path of continued innovation with Tectonic.

“I joined the advisory team with CoreOS because of the innovation and speed to which CoreOS is addressing modern infrastructure needs for enterprises,” said Beda, CoreOS advisor. “Tectonic promises a solution made to manage all the complexities that distributed systems require and I am looking forward to working hand-in-hand with CoreOS to ensure that it is easy for anyone to deploy, move and securely run their applications anywhere.”