Telerik, an end-to-end provider of software application lifecycle and content management solutions, today unveiled its Beta release of RadControls for Windows Phone 7, advancing the suite one step closer to its official release in March 2011. With the addition of user interface (UI) components for Windows Phone 7, Telerik becomes the only provider to offer controls and tools for all Microsoft.NET development platforms.  Among the features and elements making their debut are three new controls, Gauge, JumpList, and ListBox. Designed to aid developers in elevating their applications to make them stand out in a crowded market, Telerik’s suite will also facilitate a better transfer of knowledge, allowing existing Silverlight and .NET skills to be leveraged in mobile application development.
“We are working diligently in the data visualization space, as we know how vitally important this is to our customers; new controls such as RadGauge are just the tip of what we have to offer in this direction,” says Georgi Atanasov, Telerik Windows Phone 7 Team Lead. “As RadControls were unveiled in our CTP version, Telerik’s footprint in the Windows Phone marketplace has already begun expanding through our customers’ applications. We are pleased and humbled by this clear demonstration of the trust developers around the world have placed in Telerik when bringing new technologies and products to market.”
Telerik’s RadControls for Windows Phone was initially released in October 2010, providing an array of super-light, blazing-fast controls for the Windows Phone suite. Drawing on the platform’s GPU hardware acceleration, RadControls facilitates faster, smoother, and more powerful transitions running directly on the device hardware, yet are precisely calibrated for optimal battery life management.
There are currently 17 components available as part of the Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone Beta, including:
· Gauge – an indispensable element for building dashboards or displaying graphical indicators (New in Beta)
· JumpList – a fully featured control mirroring the native control found in the Windows Phone 7 OS (New in Beta)
· ListBox – a super-light and fast replacement for the standard ListBox control. (New in Beta)
· Transition Control – allowing creation and delivery of compelling, sophisticated transitions without detracting from the user experience

· Animation Framework – a unique control, greatly reducing the effort needed to create animations either in code or via XAML

· Panel and Window controls – robust yet easy-to-use controls for seamless layout design and customization