Telerik, an end-to-end provider of development tools and solutions for building and analyzing cross-platform and mobile applications, today announced the latest advancements to TeamPulse, its agile project management offering. With the latest release, Telerik focuses on integration, adaptability and ease-of-use by introducing a Git and GitHub integration, new REST API and .NET SDK as well as personas to drive feature requirements. Telerik’s TeamPulse agile project management software is currently in use by more than 60 of the Fortune 500.

The goal of any agile project management is to help teams of all shapes and sizes track and share information, work smarter, and create better software. But this involves people at all levels – developers, line-of-business and business users. Without a transparent way to show progress, any project is doomed to fail. That is why Telerik has worked diligently to include new capabilities around transparency, adaptability, ease-of-use via improved integration capabilities and customer centricity – to better enable its customers to work cohesively to complete even the most challenging development projects.

Git and GitHub Integration

According to Gartner, “Agile methods attempt to establish a high level of collaboration among developers and business users.” By integrating with Git and GitHub, the TeamPulse agile project management software bridges the gap between developers and business users by giving transparency to development projects while at the same time, letting developers update work within their preferred IDE. It also offers the same functionality for TFS and can synch both TFS and GitHub, simultaneously.


Thanks to the new REST API, users are easily able to integrate the TeamPulse agile project management software with any existing system. In addition, with the availability of a .NET SDK, developers are able to create custom applications and widgets, stemming from data generated by the TeamPulse agile project management software.


When managing requirements, it is essential to know whom exactly the app is being developed for. That is why Telerik incorporated end-user personas into the latest version of the TeamPulse agile project management software. By assigning specific personal profiles to work items, developers can take a more customer-centric approach in creating and deploying relevant functionality enhancements.

“With the many tools and existing systems already in play across the enterprise, having a project management platform that can easily integrate and improve adaptability of systems is a requirement,” said Christopher Eyhorn, EVP of ALM Tools, Telerik. “Today we take a huge step forward by integrating with the most popular developer technologies and ensuring a customer-centric development practice is top of mind for its user community.”

TeamPulse R3 is available immediately. Please go to for more details. Telerik will also host a webinar at noon ET today, where attendees can see enhancements, first hand. To register go to