TeleSign, a communications platform as a service (CPaaS) company founded on security, today announced new self-service capabilities that enable app developers to easily access TeleSign APIs and add communications and security into their web and mobile applications in minutes.

The need for cloud communications is on the rise, specifically the business need to add real-time communications into apps and websites to engage customers and keep accounts secure. In fact, TeleSign research shows 91% of developers plan to embed communications APIs or SDKs into their apps in the next year1. The CPaaS market, which IDC forecasts to top $8.2 billion by 20212, is one that is defining digital disruption among all types of businesses and enabling a smarter and safer digital experience for consumers all around the world.

“Since our founding in 2005, TeleSign’s communications platform has handled business critical traffic for 20 of the 25 largest brands in the world,” said Aled Miles, CEO of TeleSign. “With the introduction of self-service, we are excited to open up our platform to all developers as we continue to change the way businesses communicate with their customers.”

Today’s launch is accompanied by a new IDC white paper3, sponsored by TeleSign, entitled, “TeleSign Poised for Market Leadership in CPaaS,” which underscores the critical need for businesses to adapt to new ways of engaging with customers and details how TeleSign is positioned to capitalize on this high growth market. In the new report, IDC notes TeleSign is “not just another upstart competitor in this growing market.” It continues that TeleSign will “leverage its formidable expertise in mobile identification, security and authentication (2FA) as key differentiators for customers and partners considering a CPaaS approach.”

“The market for embedded communications has exploded in recent years and will continue to grow significantly, topping $8.2 Billion by 2021,” said Mark Winther, analyst at IDC. “We believe TeleSign, with its proprietary data intelligence and high-quality global network, is well-positioned to help organizations adopt cloud-based communications and is ultimately poised for market leadership in CPaaS.”

Get Started with TeleSign in Minutes

TeleSign’s new self-service capabilities at let developers create an account, get API credentials along with $5 in free credits, and use their credit card to purchase services. Self-service allows developers to quickly test TeleSign products for free, get up and running in minutes, and easily purchase ongoing transactions. Developers around the world can efficiently test and deploy with no contract commitments or minimum transaction thresholds – just pay for what they use. TeleSign APIs and SDKs, combined with data intelligence on every phone number in the world, create a stronger and more secure user experience for all. The new portal offers easy access to many of TeleSign’s APIs including:

  • TeleSign Messaging API – Allows developers to add real-time communications in the form of SMS-based alerts, reminders, notifications, invites, two-way communication, OTPs, and other automated messages to Web and mobile applications.
  • TeleSign Voice API – Allows developers to add real-time communications in the form of voice-based alerts, reminders, notifications, OTPs, and other automated messages to Web and mobile applications.
  • TeleSign Score API A fraud risk assessment API that delivers reputation scoring based on a variety of data points including phone number intelligence, traffic patterns, machine learning, and a global data consortium.
  • TeleSign PhoneID API – Provides a variety of features including cleansed phone number, phone type, and telecom carrier information that can be used to determine which phone numbers are a potential fraud risk and the best communication method for a phone number (voice, SMS).
  • Auto Verify SDK – An SDK to provide a frictionless user verification process into existing Android applications in a secure, low-cost way.

The World’s Largest Brands Trust TeleSign

TeleSign, a $100M annual revenue business, is the world’s second largest CPaaS company based on revenue.4 Known for helping secure billions of end user accounts for brands like Evernote, HomeAway, Salesforce, Tinder and 20 of the 25 largest brands in the world, TeleSign is also a registered Mobile Network Operator (MNO). TeleSign’s network is high-quality and reliable, allowing the highest availability, delivery and completion rates, and unmatched international coverage spanning hundreds of high-quality, direct-to-carrier routes.

“We looked at several vendors, but TeleSign won out as our CPaaS provider because of their demonstrated security expertise, high quality direct-to-carrier routes, and global coverage,” said Dave Engberg, CTO of Evernote. “We use TeleSign to send both SMS notifications and security 2FA messages.”

“TeleSign’s global coverage is critical to our business,” added TJ Spinks, Postmaster for HomeAway. “Their waterfall delivery process, superior global network, and traffic monitoring increased delivery rates and reduced call center volumes. We use several TeleSign products for our SMS customer communications and fraud prevention efforts.”

The TeleSign CPaaS platform is available today through a free trial and includes free access to TeleSign’s leading data intelligence solution, TeleSign Score, at Full development resources are also available for free at