When these challenges are overcome, high impact business outcomes are realized. In fact, Teradata has already helped many organizations save money and create new revenue streams from data lakes:

  • A semiconductor manufacturer increased the yield quality of wafers; reducing waste, saving time, boosting output and thus increasing value to the business.
  • An industrial equipment manufacturer enabled new service models, service-level agreements, intervention processes, and, notably, new revenue streams.
  • A world-renowned research hospital reduced patient prep times, allowing doctors to treat more patients.

“Kylo is an exciting first in open source data lake management, and perfectly represents Teradata’s vision around big data, analytics, and open source software,” said Oliver Ratzesberger, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Teradata. “Teradata has a rich history in the development of many open source projects, including Presto and Covalent. We know how commercial and open source should work together. So we engineer the best of both worlds, and we pioneer new approaches to open source software as part of our customer-choice strategy, improving the commercial and open source landscape for everyone.”

Teradata’s vision for the blend of commercial and open source is recognized by customers, who continue to use Teradata to unleash their potential.

“At Discover Financial Services, we are focused on leveraging leading-edge technology that helps us quickly bring products to market while providing exceptional customer service. Kylo has a unique framework that has the potential to accelerate development and value on new data sources that leverage Apache NiFi,” said Ka Tang, Director, Enterprise Data Architecture, Discover. “Kylo may provide an opportunity to leverage open source innovations while allowing the opportunity to give back to the open source community.”

“Open source software has an appeal to users seeking independence, cooperative learning, experimentation, and flexibility for customized deployments,” said Rick Farnell, President of Think Big, a Teradata company. “Our contribution is all about helping companies build a scalable data lake foundation that can continuously evolve with their business, technology data and analytical goals. We are removing impediments to use data to solve complex business problems and encouraging analytical users to contribute to the growing Kylo community. Going forward, our primary focus as a company is to help our customers create business value through analytics, rather than commodity capabilities. Kylo, along with our Teradata Everywhere approach to software and services, is a great example of our innovative strategy for the future.”

To this point, a major telecommunications company implemented Kylo after a large team of 30 data engineers spent months hand-coding data ingestion pipelines. Using Kylo, one single individual was able to ingest, cleanse, profile, and validate the same data in less than a week. Kylo not only improved data process efficiencies, it allowed those additional engineers to focus on multiple major business priorities.

Kylo software, documentation and tutorials are available now, via the Kylo project website: www.kylo.io – or the GitHub web site: — https://github.com/Teradata/kylo.

On request, Think Big offers these optional services, if required:

  • Kylo support
  • Kylo implementation services
  • Kylo training
  • Kylo managed services

“Kylo provides tooling on top of Apache NiFi to make it faster and easier to get data into your data lake,” said Scott Gnau, Chief Technology Officer, Hortonworks. “Hortonworks is pleased to announce Kylo’s certification with Hortonworks DataFlow and our expanded joint support relationship for NiFi.” 

Teradata will play a leadership role in the governance, stewardship and community-building around open-source Kylo.

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