Visual testing solution provider Applitools today released Ultrafast Visual Grid, software for managing an application’s functional and visual quality.

Before Applitools, UI testing was done manually and serially, as pages were examined and changes compared one page at a time. Today, the company said, Visual Grid farms out screenshot jobs to a grid of browsers in the cloud to generate images of web pages on all browser types, viewport sizes and emulated devices the tester requests.

Further, Visual Grid takes advantage of the AI functionality built into the company’s Applitools Eyes visual testing and monitoring tool o validate the elements on those screens, doing away with the need to maintain what the company called brittle test code and bloated functional test scripts.

Applitools supports Selenium today, as well as Cypress and Storybook, with the goal of supporting more than 50 SDKs by the end of the year, the company said.

“Existing test tools, frameworks and grids are fine for basic data entry and app navigation, but they are code heavy, brittle, slow, expensive and break easily when an app is evolving. That makes them ill-suited to the continuous quality needs of today,” said Gil Sever, co-founder and CEO of Applitools. “Applitools platform, which includes Applitools Eyes … together with Applitools Ultrafast Visual Grid, now enables AI powered end-to-end Visual Testing and Monitoring with a fraction of the code, much shorter release cycles and AI features. This helps provide better app quality — drastically improving the clarity, speed and collaboration of communication among dev teams needed to eliminate the QA bottleneck.”