Applitools has launched an Automation Cookbook to help upskill developers and test engineers. The new cookbook will feature free bite-sized videos, test automation recipes and a Test Kitchen to practice in for free. 

The cookbook was created by a team from Applitools Test Automation University. According to Colby Fayock, a developer advocate at Applitools who contributed to the cookbook, the goal is to give engineers quick visual answers to their frequently asked questions instead of them having to sift through long video tutorials, online forms or Q&A threads to find answers. 

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Angie Jones, senior director of developer relations at Applitools and the Test Automation University who lead the initiative, added: “For many engineers, it’s common to run into a problem while writing a test. Whether you’re trying to work with alerts or upload a file, you may not be looking for an entire end-to-end course, but a quick solution to a single problem. We have designed this short-form education program to answer your questions accordingly.”

The launch of the Automation Cookbook includes 12 videos featuring test automation frameworks Selenium WebDriver and Cypress. New videos and additional frameworks will be added in the future and the videos will range from three to 10 minutes long. Cookbook recipes also include uploading files, interacting with alerts, selecting from dropdowns, verifying sortable tables, interacting with browser notifications, and taking screenshots. 

“Unlike Test Automation University, which focuses on long-form education of complete learning pathways, the Automation Cookbook focuses only on specific tasks,” the company explained its announcement

The Test Kitchen will act as a “pantry” for web components to be used for automated testing. Users can use the Test Kitchen to practice with common web widgets and hone their test automation skills and knowledge.