The mobile testing company Kobiton today announced that it is open-sourcing its Appium script generation tool in an effort to enable its users to contribute back and improve on it. 

Appium itself is already an open-source project, providing a framework for automated testing across a variety of platforms. Kobiton’s tool provides the opportunity for more automation by allowing testers to automate the process of creating the test scripts. 

According to Kobiton, using the script generation tool, developers can write a 30-step script in about 10 minutes, compared to as long as four hours if using a manual approach. 

“Kobiton’s decision to open source its script generation tool is a strategic move that aligns with current trends in software development: collaboration, automation and accelerated delivery,” said Sean Barry, CEO of Kobiton. “Being the first to market with an AI-powered Appium script generator from manual test sessions and offering it via open source positions Kobiton as an innovator. This move could attract attention from the broader mobile app development and testing community, potentially leading to increased adoption of Kobiton’s other offerings.”

Kobiton’s CTO Frank Moyer added: “With the engine currently supporting a significant range of Appium-compatible languages, open-sourcing our script generator marks a strategic step forward. This move not only facilitates broader language and framework support but also empowers the community to tailor scripts to their specific needs. We’re inviting collaboration to advance automation testing, driving innovation and adaptability in a field that’s constantly evolving.”