Touca is a continuous regression testing tool that provides engineering teams with a real-time visual comparison of their software’s performance and behavior against a previous trusted version. This can help them identify any unintended side effects of their daily code changes.

“It is still too difficult and time-consuming for software engineers to gain confidence in their day-to-day code changes. Most engineering teams suffer through long QA feedback cycles or resort to writing hard-to-maintain unit tests and integration tests. Sadly, for most types of software, writing reliable, automated, and developer-friendly tests is still very difficult,” Pejman Ghorbanzande wrote in a post. “Touca lets you describe the behavior and performance of any version of your software for any number of inputs.”

The testing tool submits a description written out by a software team to a remote server that automatically compares it against a previous baseline version and reports any differences.

It can then be used to share insights about new versions. 

Touca first started out as a regression testing solution for enterprise software companies building mission-critical systems but has now evolved to support individual developers and smaller teams, according to Ghorbanzande.

Version 2.0 was released last month and it contains an easy-to-self-host server that stores test results, a CLI that enables snapshot testing, four SDKs in Python, C++, Java, JavaScript, Test runner and GitHub action plugins, and more.