Successful product testing today requires development teams to always keep in mind how each change is benefitting the business and how it is going to solve the customer’s problem. 

This is according to Brijesh Deb, a test consultant at Infosys Netherlands, in the latest SD Times Live! exclusive webinar, “Test Management in an Agile Reality.”

In response to a survey on how companies are implementing a quality strategy as part of their product lifecycle today, 13% answered that they are using a dedicated lifecycle management tool — a number that needs to increase due to its importance, according to Deb. 

Also, unit testing and limited regression on a daily basis came in at 17%. If more unit testing is done in the beginning, then companies will have to pay much less of a price at the end.

“In many cases, we see that customers and organizations are in some kind of a journey towards more advanced Life Cycle Management and testing is a part of that. There must be some kind of a starting point,” said Tzvika Shahaf, the director of product management at Perforce, during the talk. 

Another big topic in the field of test management is business acceptance testing which plays an important role in validating that all the business requirements are fulfilled before the release of the product in the market. 

Often teams that don’t have a clear understanding of the business objectives will wind up running tests that are not required. 

“My answer would be really to try and calculate that ROI that you actually get from testing, what is the business feedback that you get from testing that can make an impact,” Shahaf added. 

When it comes to who should own the business acceptance testing, everyone should be responsible, he said. 

If the entire team is aligned to the acceptance criteria, then right from the tester, everybody will have the same opinion about it. And that’s where the alignment comes in and there is no need for enforcement, according to Shahaf.

One way to do this is to build that process into the workflow so that the roles and responsibilities are clear to everyone. 

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