UserTesting announced new advanced Instant Insight features that are powered by machine learning to speed up human insights. 

It also announced the UserTesting Human Insight Platform, which can detect patterns and anomalies within customer data and automatically display high-value insights within Customer Experience Narratives. 

The new features in this product release include UserTesting’s test-level Instant Insight feature utilizes data-driven automation and machine learning models, and a UserTesting navigation redesign, which enables customers to access core functionalities more readily with a new user interface, folder management, easily accessible resources, and a workspace switcher. 

“More than ever, it’s imperative that companies know how their customers feel, and why. UserTesting is continuously innovating its platform to help companies gain actionable insights so they can make smarter and faster business decisions,” said Kaj van de Loo, CTO at UserTesting. “UserTesting’s data-driven automation helps customers speed up analysis of video feedback, so they can make decisions quicker than ever. The platform helps companies optimize the use of human insights, so that they can better understand what is driving customer behavior, and adapt to any changes in the market.”

New features also include enhanced card sorting capabilities so that users can view video feedback alongside card sorting metrics and also the ability to securely upload audio, video, and other media assets directly onto the Human Insight Platform. 

UserTesting is also now available in French in addition to English and German.