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UserTesting adds feature that makes it easier to find users in niche audiences for user experience testing

UserTesting introduced several enhancements to its Human Insight Platform, which is a user experience testing platform that allows developers to see and hear how users are interacting with a product. The latest updates include a new way to find niche audiences, new integrations with Canva and FullStory to enhance the value of human insight, and … continue reading

UserTesting enhances ML-powered post-test analysis and improves collaboration

UserTesting announced new advanced Instant Insight features that are powered by machine learning to speed up human insights.  It also announced the UserTesting Human Insight Platform, which can detect patterns and anomalies within customer data and automatically display high-value insights within Customer Experience Narratives.  The new features in this product release include UserTesting’s test-level Instant … continue reading

Yahoo’s security, CommitStrip’s developer comic book, and Citus MX in private beta—SD Times news digest: Sept. 23, 2016

After a recent investigation surfaced regarding Yahoo’s network hack that resulted in at least 500 million user accounts being stolen, Yahoo released a statement on its Tumblr to discuss what actions it’s taking to protect its users. To start, Bob Lord, chief information security officer of Yahoo, wrote in an e-mail that the company is … continue reading Protection Status