Applitools announced the addition of Autonomous to its Intelligent Testing Platform. Autonomous is an autonomous test automation platform that brings together code-based testing with codeless autonomous testing, making it accessible to all regardless of coding experience.

Applitools stated that it is addressing the challenges that come with traditional testing methodologies that often don’t keep up with the rapid pace of development. Applitools’ approach combines codeless and code-based testing, allowing integration into CI/CD pipelines and offering capabilities like natural language test building and Visual AI. This enables comprehensive test coverage and reliability at scale, significantly improving delivery velocity and quality of digital experiences.

“The Applitools Intelligent Testing Platform is a game-changer as it empowers tech-savvy individuals and non-developers to leverage Autonomous testing to ensure flawless digital experiences,” said Alex Berry, CEO of Applitools. “By harnessing Visual AI and Generative AI, we continue to advance UI test automation to streamline testing processes and expedite the delivery of flawless digital experiences.  With Autonomous and our Intelligent Testing Platform, we empower individuals from various teams to contribute to the quality of digital experiences. By fostering cross-team collaboration and putting app and digital asset quality control in all hands, bugs are prevented from reaching production so customers can save resources and invest in innovation and mission-critical endeavors.”

The platform now encompasses five solutions designed to revolutionize how organizations deliver error-free digital experiences. The Autonomous feature is a transformative generative test platform that streamlines the testing lifecycle for web and multi-page applications by automatically generating and maintaining comprehensive test suites. It leverages plain English and Visual AI to validate complex scenarios, significantly reducing manual effort and improving efficiency.

The platform also includes Preflight, a codeless testing tool tailored for QA professionals to create end-to-end tests for web applications of varying complexities and Eyes, an AI-powered engine compatible with nearly any test framework and language. This engine facilitates interface validation across various platforms, from web and mobile applications to documents.

Additionally, the Ultrafast Grid enables rapid cross-browser visual testing, ensuring content appears flawlessly across an array of devices, screen sizes, and browsers, while the Execution Cloud offers a cloud-based testing environment with self-healing capabilities to support engineering and testing teams in leveraging AI-powered test infrastructure.

Together, these components — Autonomous, Preflight, Eyes, Ultrafast Grid, and Execution Cloud — empower teams to reduce manual testing efforts significantly. They enable the creation and maintenance of durable tests in plain English, broadening the scope of involvement in the QA process across teams. This comprehensive suite of tools not only accelerates the testing process but also enhances the quality and reliability of digital products, ensuring a seamless user experience across all platforms and devices, according to the company.