TestPlant, the maker of the eggPlant range of software quality tools, today announced the launch of eggPlant Performance v6, the latest version of the company’s advanced performance and load testing tool.

This release introduces cloud-based performance testing for the first time. eggPlant Performance v6 can now automatically and dynamically set-up load-injectors on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure servers. This makes it faster and easier for software testers to set-up large performance and stress tests, while reducing the hardware needed to acquire and set-up virtual users.

The cloud functionality of eggPlant Performance v6 means that simulated virtual users can be quickly and easily created on-demand in different geographic locations. This helps digital enterprises to ensure they are delivering a first-class user experience for users anywhere in the world.

“eggPlant Performance v6 is designed to make it even quicker and easier for software quality teams in digital enterprises to run large performance and stress tests on their business critical applications from mobile to desktop to server,” said Antony Edwards, CTO, TestPlant. “The fact is that most digital businesses today from retail, to media, to banks are not doing performance and stress testing. This is costing them money in lost revenue every day, but they feel powerless due to the traditionally high skill barrier that proper performance testing has required.”

“eggPlant Performance v6 changes this by making proper user-focussed performance and stress testing accessible to all test teams for the first time,” added Edwards. “Our new cloud-based capabilities for example mean that testers can run large-scale performance tests without the cost and complexity associated with purchasing and configuring physical servers. Setting up multiple servers is now automatically handled by eggPlant Performance and can be done in minutes rather than weeks, and for hundreds rather than tens of thousands of dollars.”

eggPlant Performance v6 includes Dynamic Test Control, which lets users control tests while they are still running, allowing them, for example, to increase, reduce or pause the number of virtual users. This makes it faster to isolate and resolve performance bottlenecks.

The new release also includes debug integration with standard development environments, such as Visual Studio and Eclipse, which lets users debug their eggPlant Performance scripts directly within their preferred IDE. This makes creating reliable scripts faster.

In addition, eggPlant Functional v6 boasts many other new features including simpler test-wide configuration, improved eggPlant Functional integration, internal encryption, and enhanced data correlation.

eggPlant Performance is available for download today from: http://www.testplant.com/dlds/eggplant-performance/