Gurock Software announced the release of TestRail 2.4, a new version of their web-based test management software. TestRail helps software development teams and QA departments to efficiently manage, track and organize their software testing efforts. TestRail 2.4 comes with support for UI Scripts (a powerful way to customize the user interface), time zones, full Mantis integration and many other improvements.

TestRail’s new UI Scripts allow teams to customize TestRail’s user interface with simple JavaScript code and style sheet definitions. UI Scripts are especially useful to adjust TestRail to the needs of customers, to optimize the application for custom workflows and to build integrations with internal or external third-party tools. Combined with custom fields, defect plugins and its single sign-on integration, UI Scripts make TestRail one of the most flexible test management applications available.

TestRail 2.4 also introduces full support for time zones. As more and more teams are distributed and work in different time zones, this new feature allows team members to use a different time zone setting in order to track test results, review comments and run reports with their local time.

The defect and bug tracker integration has always been a unique part of TestRail’s feature set and many teams use TestRail together with well-known bug tracking tools such as JIRA, Bugzilla or Trac. The new TestRail release introduces a defect plugin for the popular Mantis bug tracking system, resulting in improved integration between both tools. It’s now possible to directly push bug reports to Mantis from TestRail as testers find issues, and to look up the status of reported bugs without having to leave the application.

The new version also comes with many other enhancements and improvements. It’s now easier to work with many projects simultaneously thanks to the improved dashboard view, to use additional placeholders for custom defect tracker integrations, and to use links to local or shared files in TestRail’s text fields.

TestRail is installed directly on a customer’s server or can be hosted online. The software is available for purchase for $239 (US) per user, with additional discounts available for multi-user packs. A free fully-functional trial of TestRail (either hosted or downloaded) and an extensive product tour can be found on Gurock’s website.