SharePoint, Microsoft believes, is more than a software installation: It’s a path to improved workflow, document management, collaboration and so much more. And, it wants to know where you and your company are along that path. So, between now and Feb. 16, 2011, Microsoft wants you to submit a video (no longer than two minutes) describing how you got started with SharePoint, how momentum for using the software has grown in your organization, and how SharePoint applications you’ve created are driving business value.

What’s in it for you? Why, a trip to Disneyland! (Or, at least a free pass to Microsoft’s SharePoint 2011 conference, being held in Anaheim!) Here’s a more detailed explanation. Good luck!

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#followwednesday: Hats off to Bill English and the Mindsharp folks, who have pledged to donate one dollar to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society for each Twitter follower to #Mindsharp between now and Christmas (up to $2,500!). That’s a great way to grow their community, and a beautiful gesture for a most worthy cause. Please take a moment to follow #Mindsharp, which provides excellent SharePoint training, and help U.S. servicemen in need!