In today’s “Spotlight on 2010,” Paul J. Swider discusses the social computing phenomenon in SharePoint, with the enhanced My Site feature enabling workers to find coworkers with certain skills and expertise. Well, there’s a social revolution going on around SharePoint as well.

If you’re new to Twitter (which means you’re either old like me, or living under a rock… like me), you can easily set up an account, and in the search field, type #SharePoint. This will give you a list of all “tweets”—comments—that mention SharePoint. Then, you can see which commenters you’d like to follow and create discussions with SharePoint experts outside your organization.

There are also Facebook groups that are more centered on organizational roles; there are groups for architects, admins, developers and more. These applications will take you down the path toward collaboration and networking, and get you out of your heads-down approach to work.

Who do you find to be particularly helpful on Twitter, and which Facebook pages do you visit most often? Let me know at, and I’ll mention them in an upcoming issue.

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The next issue of SPTechReport will come to you live from SPTechCon, BZ Media’s three-day conference for all things SharePoint. It will be the first of three consecutive “show daily” reports that will highlight news from Microsoft and its third-party partners, as well as cover the hot topics discussed in the classrooms. There will be liveblogging from the event on, as well as tweets and pictures galore from the various REAL social events such as SharePint and the charity Tweet-Up. So look for SPTechReport in your mailbox Wednesday, Thursday and Friday next week!

— David