Third Wave Technology, one of South Florida’s leading boutique software development companies, announced the launch of its new Cloud CDE technology after ten years of agile team development. At the forefront of cloud-based Continuous Delivery Environments, Third Wave is proud to now offer this product as a standalone implementation to development teams seeking the most reliable, safe and efficient automated framework to build and deploy their software.

“Most internal software teams we have encountered have not adopted a culture of Continuous Delivery. Even agile teams are still struggling with the daily grind of trying to deliver software that is restricting constant delivery of business value to their organization. Third Wave is about creating innovative IT business solutions to keep pace in a disruptive world, so we’ve solved this problem by packaging the solution and delivering it in the Cloud with the new Cloud CDE,” says Frank J. Barbato, CEO.

For years, Third Wave’s agile development team has been using and refining the Cloud CDE framework in various development environments. Now perfected by its founders, Cloud CDE has been used to develop mission critical and disruptive software for  a wide array of industries. This framework is not just maximizing cloud-based technology; it’s a trailblazing infrastructure with proven ROI. Companies with high-performing IT organizations are twice as likely to exceed their profitability, market share and productivity goals.

Cloud CDE is offered as a managed service or product handed to a DevOps team. The framework is delivered, deployed, configured and ready for use on day one by Third Wave’s Certified Amazon Web Services Solution Architect. The Third Wave team works with each client to integrate its code base, team members and environment specifics to promise success. The Cloud CDE environment is hosted in Amazon Web Service’s Elastic Computing Cloud, the largest and most trusted public cloud provider in the world.

“Our clients have often asked how we delivered such high quality software so rapidly. Our answer is always Cloud CDE- the same environment all our software teams use on every project,” continues Barbato.

Planning and implementing a Continuous Delivery Environment for ultimate IT productivity is frequently a side project that gets abandoned or never quite finished as other internal priorities take precedence. Third Wave’s Cloud CDE was born out of the necessity to shift this trend, making implanting a Continuous Delivery Environment a streamlined and worthwhile investment. Cloud CDE automates the build, test and deployment processes to fully support agile software practices. The major benefits of Cloud CDE are automation of unit and acceptance tests; deployment of functionality in various environments; and significantly increasing the flow of software into production.

Third Wave’s experienced software consulting teams sought the need to rapidly deliver the highest quality Continuous Delivery Environments to its clients. They quickly realized that the Cloud CDE product was a critical need to accelerate many of its clients not only for continuous software deployment, but also for achieving optimum business and productivity solutions.

To schedule a demo of Third Wave’s brand new Cloud CDE framework, or to connect with the Third Wave team, visit or call 855.722.3886.