Global technology company ThoughtWorks announced the release of a new dependency management feature set for its project management tool, Mingle. This solution takes a teamcentric approach to tackle the challenges of scaling agile.

Integrating feedback from early users, teams will be able to view and change dependencies within their day-to-day workflow. They will also be able to track crossteam dependencies end-to-end at the team level. And concerned stakeholders will be provided the visibility needed to monitor progress of existing dependencies as well as forecast and mitigate risks at the program level.

“We’ve talked with program managers, even developers, who are juggling multiple Excel spreadsheets trying to track their dependencies. It’s just very unwieldy,” said Mingle product manager Kunal Shah. “What we’ve done with Mingle is create one board that tracks all the dependencies in a program that’s visible to everyone. We’ve now given teams the ability to raise and resolve dependencies, so that they can solve more problems on their own. Managers only have to step in when really needed.”

The dependency solution provides capabilities for crossproject collaborations and program management, in addition to all the features of the core Mingle product. Specifically, teams using Mingle can now take advantage of the following features:
● Team members can raise, accept and resolve crossteam dependencies through peertopeer dialogue within Mingle.
● Clear visualizations of dependency status and progress inside the daily workspace with
simple, colorcoded indicators.
● End-to-end visibility for Managers of all the dependencies in the program.
● Filtering and sorting of programwide dependencies based on different criteria to facilitate planning.

The dependency functionality is now available for Mingle SaaS and Onsite users. For more information, or to schedule a personalized demo for your company, contact Craig Lewis, VP of Sales,