ThoughtWorks Studios (, a global leader in enterprise Agile development products and services, announced Mingle 3.4, the latest version of its Agile project management solution. Mingle now includes Multi-Dimensional Card Walls, including a Scrum Taskboard, that enables project managers and teams to create a rich set of views at the task, story, sprint, iteration or release level and to enable real-time progress and status tracking, estimation, prioritization and planning. Mingle, together with Go  (Agile release management) and Twist (Agile test management), provides Agile ALM project management through an adaptive approach that supports any software methodology ­ from Scrum and XP to hybrid and waterfall methods.

Card Walls play an important role in gauging the status and progress of projects as they move through the development and release lifecycle, said Cyndi Mitchell, managing director of ThoughtWorks Studios. Our new Multi-Dimensional Card Walls provide additional flexibility to Mingle and allow customers to create very rich and unique views of all aspects of the development process for improved collaboration and planning at the team and project level.

Mingle’s new Multi-Dimensional Card Walls help teams create detailed views that display customizable information across the development and deployment lifecycle. It includes a new Scrum Taskboard that shows current sprint status of tasks by story and status. It enhances Mingle’s inherent flexibility, and can be used for a variety of applications and methodologies by Agile teams who can now create a rich set of use-cases to improve software planning, estimation, visibility, tracking, decision making and reporting.

Mingle, Go and Twist are an integrated tool suite that make up ThoughtWorks Studios Adaptive ALM  solution. Mingle is designed to address the reality that there is no Agile-in-a-box and that project management products must adapt to an organizations approach to Agile best practices that works best for them. It also helps teams manage evolving requirements in collaboration with business users and customers, and serves as a system-of-record for all software projects. Mingle presents real-time visibility to actionable metrics and enables enhanced tracking and reporting across the software organization ­ from project management practitioners and business managers to executives and customers.

Customer Satisfaction: Orange (France Telecom) Rolls out Enterprise Agile
with Mingle

ThoughtWorks Studios recently hosted a webinar with Orange (France Telecom) and jointly presented how the telco has made Mingle a key driver in its enterprise-wide adoption of Agile practices and how it is successfully using the Multi-Dimensional Card Walls feature. To watch a replay of the webinar please click here: (

“At Orange, innovation and efficiency are always in the priorities top list. Agile methodologies fit perfectly in our values. After working for more than 4 years on Agile methodologies, we have performed to succeed in industrializing Agile project management into our complex environment, and Mingle greatly helps us, says Rémy Génin, chief agile evangelist & director of agile methodologies at Orange. We don’t adapt to Mingle’s proposed methodology. On the contrary, Mingle’s incredible flexibility allows us to manage each project in a unique and fully adapted way. We now propose to
entirely manage an Agile project with Mingle, from requirements to bug management. A part of our Agile quality system relies on Mingle.”