Denim Group, the leading independent application security firm, today announced the release of the latest version of ThreadFix, the company’s application vulnerability resolution platform for developers and security professionals. ThreadFix 2.5 automates application security in the DevOps Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, enabling applications to be delivered more rapidly without sacrificing security. The upgrades in this release make it possible for security teams to centrally enforce pre-defined application security policies, and development teams to automatically orchestrate application testing resulting in seamless incorporation of security testing into the CI/CD pipeline.

Businesses and development teams are driven to embrace DevOps so they can be more agile, deploy code more quickly, and provide more value to their customers. To that end, it is incredibly important for DevOps teams to have up-to-the-minute feedback on the status of their development efforts so they know if a build is ready for production. The feedback cycle should include testing quality, performance, and security. By incorporating application security testing into the DevOps CI/CD pipeline, security vulnerabilities are found quickly and reported to developers in the issue and project tracking tools they’re already using, ultimately removing friction from the remediation process and keeping costs down.

“It’s our goal to take the pressure off DevOps teams,” said Dan Cornell, CTO, Denim Group. “Regardless of the timeline to which they are held, ThreadFix allows them to have a clear path towards securing their new releases. No other platform ingests existing application security testing tools that are prevalent in enterprises and makes them accessible to software development teams to ensure that application security is a part of every build.”

ThreadFix 2.5 provides the ability for development teams to take advantage of application security testing tools in their CI/CD pipelines by orchestrating both Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tools, automatically making pass/fail decisions for builds based on the results of application security testing and creating software defects in defect tracking systems. This allows for development teams to easily access and control application security testing capabilities through existing tools and platforms to run their CI/CD pipelines resulting in vulnerabilities being found earlier in the application security process.

As executives drive enterprises to adopt DevOps to support innovation and keep pace with customer and stakeholder requirements, the need for security to be included in the DevOps process is at an all-time high. ThreadFix 2.5 provides enhanced integrations based on the ongoing feedback from enterprises deploying and extending their ThreadFix installations. These enhanced integrations include HPE Fortify on Demand and HPE Fortify Software Security Center (SSC).

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