TIBCO Software Inc. , a global leader in integration and analytics, today announced Project Flogo, an ultra-lightweight integration software solution, and TIBCO Graph Database, a translytical database for big data. Combined, these technologies increase interconnectivity, augment the intelligence of the Internet of Things (IoT), and expand the edge of Digital Business for organizations.

Project Flogo introduces open source licensing to enable developers in building the broadest open IoT community. Project Flogo functions as one the first design bots for IoT edge application development, with a tile-based, zero-code environment for building and deploying integration and data processing directly onto connected devices. Its design bot and Web-based UI bring the best of TIBCO’s design environments to the IoT, with prepackaged building blocks for building applications, integration, data processing, and microservices, as well as error handling, including the first-ever auto-stepback debugger. Project Flogo brings this power to many of the smallest connected devices, with an average installed footprint that is up to 20 times lighter than Node.js and 50 times lighter than Java.

TIBCO is releasing Project Flogo with permissive open-source licensing to help build a broad, open IoT development community and accelerate the evolution of the Internet of Things and Digital Business.

TIBCO Graph Database is a translytical database that transforms a complex web of dynamic data into meaningful, comprehensible, and traversable relationships to help deliver real-time insight and action. It stores all data as intelligent schema that makes it easy to discover and model any relationships as graphs with nodes and edges. TIBCO Graph Database delivers linear performance at scale, with join-free queries that traverse complex relationships as datasets grow. TIBCO Graph Database will empower companies to build and maximize their return on relationships in real time to improve business outcomes.

TIBCO Graph Database – Community Edition is available in Beta now in the TIBCO Community. You can also find the open source client API available on GitHub here.

“We strongly believe that as industries continue to push the edge of digitalization, technologies like Project Flogo will allow us to connect more intelligently to smart devices. Also, as the number of smart things continues to proliferate in our hyper-connected world, our ability to store and understand complex relationships must grow as well. TIBCO Graph Database allow us to store these complex relationships in the cloud as well as analyze the relationships in real time for faster insights,” said Matt Quinn, executive vice president, products & technology, and chief technology officer, TIBCO. “Project Flogo and TIBCO Graph Database demonstrate TIBCO’s commitment to innovation in key areas relevant to our customers as they aim for their Digital Destinations.”

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