TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, analytics, and event processing, today announced it is collaborating with Pivotal, the company accelerating digital transformation for enterprises, to offer businesses the ability to leverage a Cloud Native platform for digital business transformation. The collaboration empowers organizations to simplify the creation of Cloud Native applications via TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition and run them on the Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform, thereby expediting and simplifying the development and operation of Cloud Native applications. By offering businesses the ability to develop Cloud Native applications swiftly and effectively, companies will have the tools and agility needed to meet the demands facing enterprises as they pursue cloud adoption.

“Developing Cloud Native applications is key for a digital business to remain agile and respond to business needs,” said Matt Quinn, executive vice president, products & technology, and chief technology officer, TIBCO. “Through our collaboration with Pivotal, our customers will have access to a top-of-the-line solution that combines the integration capabilities of TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition with Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry platform to build, test, and deploy Cloud Native applications at startup speeds.”

TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition overcomes the complexity of integrating various microservices through automation, enabling developers to focus on building the business logic of applications. This is achieved by enterprise IT building an integration application that can be leveraged again and again as an organization’s needs require.

“Cloud Native is about delivering software faster, consistently, and reliably at scale to your customers. TIBCO understands that today’s enterprise IT departments are tasked with developing, testing, and deploying cloud applications. Pivotal Cloud Foundry provides the runtime Cloud Native platform complementing TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition, and together provides organizations with continuous delivery of cloud applications that spur digital business growth,” said Joshua McKenty, senior director, Global Ecosystem, Pivotal.

More information about TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition is available by downloading this data sheet: www.tibco.com/assets/bltac2e394e00bd3553/ds-businessworks-container-edition.pdf. To request a demo, visit http://marketo.tibco.com/container-edition-demo.html, and to see a short video of how TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition operates, please visit www.tibco.com/products/automation/application-integration/activematrix-businessworks.

To hear more about strategies for moving to the cloud from industry experts at TIBCO, Pivotal, Cloud Foundry, and Forrester Research, listen to TIBCO’s Destination: Digital online roundtable titled, “Going to Cloud? Here’s What You’ll Change and Why” now available on-demand.

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