Timescale has announced a new partnership with Microsoft Azure to support TimescaleDB on Azure Database for PostgreSQL. This will enable customers to deploy production-ready instances of TimescaleDB on Azure.

“We recognize that many of our users are modernizing their existing data infrastructure or building new IoT applications, and many of them want to do this in the cloud,” said Ajay Kulkarni, co-founder & CEO, Timescale. “TimescaleDB is designed for scale, flexibility, and reliability, and enables organizations to leverage the SQL open standard to take full advantage of their time-series data. By deploying TimescaleDB on Azure PostgreSQL, customers can finally work with time-series data without needing to worry about the operational headaches of managing a database themselves.”

SAP adds augmented analytics to its SAP Analytics Cloud solution
SAP has added new capabilities to its SAP Analytics Cloud solution, such as augmented analytics, business intelligence, enterprise planning workflows, and data integration.

The new augmented analytics features enable users to add new machine learning and AI capabilities to their existing workflows. It also added smart discovery and smart predict capabilities. According to the company, these new features will allow organizations to be more agile and transformative.

Rockset announces new cloud service for ingesting complex data sets
Rockset has announced the release of a new cloud service that allows developers and data scientists to use complex data sets faster. Due to the high volume of low-quality data in fragmented systems, companies often struggle to make use of that data because current trends in technology require clean data.

Rockset’s solution will enable teams to serve data-intensive application with a wide range of data formats from a variety of sources.