Altova today announced the commercial availability of MobileTogether, a new, cross-platform mobile development environment. Beta testers of the platform agree: MobileTogether finally makes it practical for businesses to connect to their back-end data and create enterprise mobile solutions for their workforce – regardless of which devices they use – in record time. Here are the top 10 reasons you should be looking at this solution for your organization.

1. Cross platform support with native apps for all devices
Ideal for BYOD scenarios, MobileTogether provides cross-platform support via native mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8, as well as an HTML5 browser-based client for any other OS. Businesses create a custom mobile solution one time in the MobileTogether Designer and then deploy it with continuity across all of these platforms.
2. Seamless connectivity to back-end systems
Connecting to your back-end systems couldn’t be easier with MobileTogether. MobileTogether provides full connectivity to data housed in any major relational database, XML, or HTML – and just about any other data format via integration with Altova FlowForce Server.
3. Build once; deploy to mobile and desktop devices instantly
Once you build a mobile solution in MobileTogether, end users can access it instantly – depending on security configurations – via the free, native MobileTogether Mobile App on their device of choice.
And because MobileTogether includes a Windows 8 app as well as an HTML5 browser-based client, all enterprise solutions are immediately available on any desktop or laptop computer in addition to mobile devices. This gives companies the ultimate flexibility to react to changes, end user preferences, and business requirements. They can deploy in-house solutions to all mobile workers, no matter if they prefer a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
4. Powerful visual & functional programming paradigm
MobileTogether uses a combination of visual programming (using drag & drop to design the user interface as well as to build ActionTrees) and functional programming (using the standardized XQuery/XPath expression languages) to build your mobile solution. The majority of the typical event handling in the user interface of your mobile solution is easily accomplished by dragging and dropping actions into ActionTrees that provide a visual programming flow for the most common tasks. For the evaluation of expressions as well as for the manipulation of data, XQuery and XPath can be used, and MobileTogether includes a powerful expression builder and evaluator that makes it easy to build and debug such expressions.
5. Utilize in house development or IT teams
Because the MobileTogether Designer employs an intuitive, visual approach to cross-platform mobile development, organizations don’t need to hire or train mobile developers. In-house development or IT teams find it easy to build elegant mobile solutions quickly and easily. An understanding of XPath and how XML data is structured is helpful, but no mobile programming experience is necessary to create powerful business mobile solutions for all platforms.
6. Affordable for organizations of all sizes
MobileTogether is an extremely affordable and easily-implemented business solution for a paradigm shift that can otherwise be both expensive and confusing.
Unlike other mobile app solutions, there aren’t any consulting fees or complicated licensing models. The powerful MobileTogether Designer and the MobileTogether Mobile App for iOS, Android, and Windows are free-to-own downloads—and the MobileTogether Server scales affordably, based on the number of devices required in your organization.
7. Deploy sophisticated app solutions in record time
We’re talking about hours or days, rather than the months (or more) required by competing approaches. Because MobileTogether employs a drag-and-drop design approach to creating a full-fledged mobile solution that is simultaneously available on all platforms, you can have a sophisticated enterprise mobile app in end users’ hands in anywhere from a few hours to a few days.
8. Immediate deployment to all devices
This is huge. Once you’ve run your solution through the built in simulator and are satisfied with its performance, simply deploy it one time to your MobileTogether Server, where it is immediately available to all your authorized mobile users, on all their various platforms. And when you need to update a solution, your changes are available immediately, with no delays.
9. Robust security options
Mobile solutions created in the MobileTogether Designer are deployed to the MobileTogether Server, where they are accessed by the MobileTogether Mobile App. The server provides comprehensive security options including management of user and roles definition, user access control, SSL encryption, optional Active Directory integration, and granular password options that make it easy to control the level of security required on a per-server or per-solution basis.
10. Connects employees with the data they need to be productive – anytime, anywhere
With MobileTogether, end-users can finally access mission-critical business resources to get some real work done on their device of choice, regardless of what OS it is running.

Learn more and download the free MobileTogether Designer to get started creating your first enterprise mobile solution now: