Twistlock, the leading provider of cloud container security, today announced the release of a comprehensive image analysis component as part of the Twistlock suite. The component detects the existence of CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) in Docker images. The component supports the analysis of native Linux binaries, including executables and linked libraries, Java Archives (JARs), Python packages, and Ruby gems within the Docker image. Twistlock’s image analysis goes above-and-beyond competing offerings, with advantages including:

  • Customers’ ability to scan Docker images that are in use by their organization on-the-fly as part of the Twistlock suite’s automatic protection capability.
  • The ability to scan libraries and packages that are actually in use. Thus, reducing the false positives rate and allowing customers to prioritize security risk.
  • Support of packages beyond native Linux binaries, such as JARs, Python packages, and Ruby gems.
  • Support for on premises Docker registry scanning.
  • Integration with CVE feeds from major vendor, government, and open source providers, helping customers easily integrate the latest threat intelligence into their Twistlock rules.

“We are especially excited about the integration of comprehensive image analysis within our product offering,” said Ben Bernstein, CEO. “Twistlock’s ability to integrate this capability into our container security suite helps our customers keep their containers secure as threats continue to evolve and increase and we’re proud to be the first company to bring this capability to market.”