The software component vendor Text Control recently released the new ActiveX version 16.0 of the word processing component family TX Text Control.

A great new feature are the new repeating table headers. Tables are often used to display large amounts of data, for example in a sales report. As the maximum length of a table on any one page can only be the maximum height of the page (minus margins and headers and footers), it is necessary to divide the table every time a page break occurs.

TX Text Control ActiveX 16.0 also provides an entirely new generic spell checker interface that allows any 3rd partly spell checking component to be easily integrated into a TX Text Control based application. Additionally, a new extended user interface was implemented. New buttons have been added to the TXButtonBar, which can be used to grow and shrink the font sizes of all selected fonts and increase or decrease the left indent of all the selected paragraphs.

Finally, the well known page rendering engine of the .NET version was implemented into the ActiveX version. The new page rendering engine allows a graphical representation of a page to be saved as a Visual Basic compatible Picture object. Such exported pages can be converted into a number of other formats, such as JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, WMF, EMF, TIFF or ICO.