The software component vendor Text Control recently released version X9 of the word processing component family TX Text Control and the brand new product TX Barcode .NET.

TX Text Control X9 introduces improved headers and footers with odd and even pages. Additionally, a new frame style is available for activated headers and footers. A dividing line has a label indicating the type of the header or footer (even, odd, first page) and the label displays the current section number if the header or footer is connected to the previous header or footer. This gives the user a much better overview of the current document settings and layout. Often inserted in the header or footer, Text Control now supports additional features for showing page numbers which are now MS Word compatible. For each section in the document, page numbers can either be continued from the previous section or can be restarted with a certain start number. Also a new type of page numbers has been implemented to show the total number of pages.

TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms X9 now implements built-in, ready-to-use and customizable context menus. Depending on the area where the right mouse button has been clicked, a menu with standard options for this area is shown. The context menus can be fully customized and in order to provide these ready-to-use context menus, TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms X9 now ships with more than 400 large and small icons that can be used in the applications.

With the release of TX Text Control X9, Microsoft Word Content Controls are now supported and a brand new Table Dialog was implemented. Additionally, TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms X9 now has a control character which shows the anchor position of an anchored object. The MailMerge Class now supports charts and barcodes natively, which is very important for Reporting.

Finally, Text Control released a brand new component for implementing barcodes into business applications. Using TX Barcode .NET for Windows Forms, it is possible to add fast and accurate 1D and 2D barcodes to .NET based applications. TX Barcode .NET for Windows Forms has been specifically designed for the requirements when integrating barcodes into documents, such as invoices.

An overview of all new features can be found here: