Tynt Multimedia Inc, the premiere service empowering online publishers and websites to track and benefit from the sharing activity of their users, today announced the release of its API for third party and independent developers. Developers can now create a new wave of applications dealing with real-time information as they access content from millions of copy and paste actions.
The new API is the first initiative of Tynt Labs, Tynt’s effort to make the content Tynt tracks through its Tynt Insight service available to developers and users. The API allows developers to have real-time information to enable them to find information, track trends and build applications. Tynt Labs has also unveiled Content Discovery and Geo-location on the Tynt Labs website located at http://labs.tynt.com.
“Tynt labs signals a new way of looking at our data,” said Derek Ball, co-founder and CEO. “Although Tynt will continue to grow and improve the Insight Service for publishers and content creators, we are beginning to see real value in terms of how content can be used to monitor trending topics, influence and more.”
Developer API
Tynt currently has two APIs, a Category API and a Keyword Search API.  With Tynt’s new Category API, developers see a real-time stream of content related to six popular categories. With the Keyword Search API, developers engage real-time information streams based on keyword searches to identify how users are interacting with a website’s content.
Both API’s are freely available to developers who sign up at dev.tynt.com.
Content Discovery
In the Content Discovery section of Tynt Labs, visitors can see top stories, popular search terms and engaging images based on six different popular categories: celebrity, how-to, New York, sports, technology and travel.
The geo-location section of Tynt Labs highlights the abilities of Tynt’s category API. Highlighting New Yorkers, the geo-location feature shows the specific areas, images, search terms and stories that people in New York are engaging with most.