Typemock, (http://www.typemock.com/) a leading provider and pioneer of unit testing solutions, today announced it has been selected to participate in Red Hat Innovate, a new initiative launched by Red Hat in Israel.  The initiative is designed to assist software development start-up companies based in Israel to leverage the power of open source communities.  Red Hat Innovate offers numerous benefits, including joint marketing activities and access to Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system and JBoss Enterprise Middleware for development.
Typemock Isolator++ for Linux helps developers reduce bugs in their code during development by providing a complete unit testing framework for C++.  By engaging in unit testing, developers can produce code with fewer bugs and verify that their code functions as intended. Typemock Isolator++ enables the easy testing of even the most complex legacy code and allows a developer to simulate external dependencies, allowing for testing even in a live production environment.
“Israeli businesses like Typemock are an important part of the reason we chose to launch Red Hat Innovate in Israel. Our goal is to assist these innovative software development start-ups to drive adoption and build on the power of the open source community,” said Dion Cornett, vice president, strategic alliances at Red Hat.
“We are extremely excited to be selected by Red Hat for this important initiative,” commented Eli Lopian, Typemock’s founder and CEO.  “This vote of confidence from Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source solutions to the enterprise, will enable Typemock to continue to bring the best products, built with open toolkits, to Linux developers and to pioneer easy unit testing for Linux developers.  Unit testing helps developers write code with fewer bugs and Typemock has developed Isolator++ for Linux so that developers can assure the quality of their software.”  
Isolator++ for Linux enables developers to simulate any part of the code seamlessly, without the need to redesign for testability as opposed to other unit testing solutions that require many sections of code to be re-written in order to be testable. It replaces the need for manual validation with automatic C++ unit tests. This ensures full code integrity before the code reaches QA. The launch of Isolator++ for Linux demonstrates Typemock’s ability to offer multi-platform easy unit testing solutions for Linux developers in addition to Windows C++ and .NET developers. This gives organizations the flexibility to implement multi-platform unit testing practices in any of these development environments, using a consistent toolkit.
For more information please see:  http://www.typemock.com/isolatorpp-product-page
To learn more about Red Hat Innovate, please see: http://www.europe.redhat.com/mktg/innovate/index.php